Coke is commenting upon ‘vel per legem terrae’ – but by the law of the land.

Chapter 29 p.46

‘Upon this chapter (of Magna Carta) as out of a root, many fruitful branches of the law of England have sprung…’

Coke then describes the effect of Magna Carta,

‘No man she be dissessed..or dispossessed of his freehold, lands or livelihood, or of his liberties…as belong to him by his free birthright, unless to be by the lawful judgment, that is, verdict of his equals (that is men of his own condition) or by the law of the land (that is, to speak it once and for all) by the due course and process of the law.’

Chapter 29 p.51

‘the process of the law is twofold, viz, By the King’s Writ, or by due proceeding, and warrant, either in deed or in law without writ.’

Transcribed from the 3rd Edition of 1669, a copy of which is in the Cardiff University Special Books collection.