EDWARD, by the Grace of God, King of England, Lord of Ireland, and Duke of Guyan,
To All those that these present Letters shall hear or see,
Greeting .

Know Ye that We, to the honour of God, and of Holy Church, and to the Profit of our Realm, have granted for us and our Heirs;that the Charter of Liberties, and the Charter of the Forest,which were made by Common Assent of all the Realm, in the time of King Henry our Father,shall be kept in every point without breach.

And We will that the same Charters shall be sent under our Seal, as well to our Justices of thereof. the Forest, as to others, and to all Sheriffs of Shires, and to all our other Officers, and to all our Cities through. out the Realm, together with our Writs, in the which it shall be contained, that they cause the aforesaid Charters to be published, and to declare to the People that We have confirmed them in all points;

and that our Justices, Sheriffs, Mayors, and other Ministers, which under Us have the Laws of our Land to guide, shall allow the said Charters pleaded before them in Judgment in all their points; that is to wit, the Great Charter as the Common Law, and the Charter of the Forest for the Wealth of our Realm.

AND We will, that if any Judgement be given from henceforth contrary to the points of the Charters aforesaid by the Justices, or by any other our Ministers that hold Plea before them against the points of the Charters, it shall be undone and holden for nought.

AND We will, that the same Charters shall be sent, under our Seal, to Cathedral Churches throughout our Realm, there to remain, and shall be read before the People two times by the year.